Zinfandel, A Wine That Is Always Best To Drink Now!

Zinfandel wine is a great red wine to drink as soon as it is released. It reminds me of a Beaujolais in that regard. It was a wine that was hard to avoid, and who would want to, in Northern California.

It's grapes are exactly the same as Primitivo. Many Italian producers will sell their Primitivo wine as Zin in the U.S.

It can have all type of red berry flavors, raspberry, strawberry, cherry, it is downright jammy. You get the idea. It goes great in my opinion with a burger, but it is a heartier wine. In fact, it is sometimes criticized for its high alcohol levels.

Please don't confuse it with White Zin. I really haven't explored it's white counterpart as much as other white wines.

Why? It's a bit sweet and it's made that way by adding juice to the wine. Personally, it is overbearing and not my type of wine. But that is just my experience. If you have a different one, great! Enjoy! Everybody's palate is different.

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