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At Wine For Beginners, I believe that the only way to learn about wine is to drink. Some people are intimidated by just jumping in. Here I give you my years of knowledge from growing up in Sonoma County and traveling through the world's wine countries, to help you look like an expert and learn from my mistakes. I may not be an official expert, but I love wine and have been drinking it from the time I could walk.

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Jan 23, 2011

Best Wines For Beginners

When you are new to wine, it can be hard to find one you like. Here is a page of suggestions for the best wines for beginners.

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Jan 23, 2011


This is a great young red wine. Barbera is good for pastas and for lighter red meats.

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Jan 23, 2011

Wine Terms

A wine dictionary for beginners that contains typical wine terms.

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Apr 23, 2010

Best Box Wine

Poor boxed wines get a bad reputation for being cheap. Here I try to steer you in the direction of the best box wine because these are a great value.

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Feb 27, 2010

Wine Values Added to Navigation Bar

I've had this page for a while but I added it to my NavBar. Why? Because I feel like it could help beginners out. Maybe save you a few dollars at the store. So, enjoy.

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Feb 27, 2010

Malvasia Bianca Wine

A close relative to Torrontes wine, I was glad to find Malvasia Bianca. It doesn't have a "home" like torrontes but it's grown well in many places.

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Feb 27, 2010

Torrontes Wine Added

Finally, back and this wine was definitely an inspiration. I love Torrontes Wine and after my hiatus, this was a great wine to start adding pages for again. Check it out on your next trip to the store.

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Feb 27, 2010

Torrontes Wine

This type of white wine from Argentina has become a favorite. I love Torrontes wine especially for its floral components.

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Oct 04, 2009

Roche Carneros Estate Winery Tasting Room Has Moved

Just drove through Sonoma and discovered that their tasting room has moved. Their horseback rides are still in the same location but be sure to make a reservation! Enjoy their new tasting room on the square in Sonoma!

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Sep 28, 2009

Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and How to Taste Wine Video Removed

Turns out these videos were too long. In an effort to keep all of you happy, Debra and I will be making some new videos for each of these in the near future. Don't worry they'll be less than 10 minutes this time!

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Sep 27, 2009

La Crema Chardonnay Video Added

Want to see Debra and I try some Chardonnay. Watch as we give our immediate reaction to this La Crema Chardonnay.

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Sep 27, 2009

How To Taste Wine Video Added

I know I've told you how to taste wine, but now watch as the Two Crazy RedHeadz teach you how to taste wine. It might be a little long, but we always have jokes to make it seem shorter.

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Sep 23, 2009

Cristalino Cava Video Added

Cava is a great substitute for champagne. So, we added a video about an inexpensive cava that was on Wine Spectator's Best Value list.

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Sep 23, 2009

Franciscan Cabernet Sauvignon Video Added

Since this is one of my FAVORITE types of wine, we did a Riedel glass version of this great grape. Good wine, and in the $20 range, hard to beat.

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Sep 16, 2009

Morro Bay Updated and Anderson Valley Wines Added

Finally!!! Took me a bit longer than planned but I've finally added the Anderson Valley Wines page and updated the Morro Bay page (be sure to check this one out there's a lot there). Paso Robles and Cambria are on the way still.

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