Types Of Wine For Beginners

The different types of wine are as varied as the number of grapes that create them. One thing that wine grapes have in common is that they all require a certain amount of stress to make them great. This is what I like to keep in mind at Wine For Beginners while drinking wine and writing about it. It helps to calm you down in times of trouble, because it has already gone through the stress for you.

The roots of grapevines go through layer upon layer of soil to create the grapes necessary for great wine. Adding layer upon layer to your soul while you drink them. I mean don't you sound brilliant when you are drinking wine?

These are five major types of wine:
-Red: The Grapes/The Smells and Tastes
-White: The Grapes/The Smells and Tastes

That's it! Just five basic types. Some people prefer one over another and some love them all. The type of wine you enjoy can change with what you are eating as well.

Red, rose, sparkling and white wine are all different types of dry wines. The differences in these wines is due to the types of grapes used to create them and the way the grapes are processed while creating the wine.

Dessert wines are sweet, not dry. They are created by the addition of sugars or alcohol to the wine. This means they have higher alcohol levels than most wines. More sugar allows for further fermentation, and that means more alcohol. There are also dessert wines where fermentation is halted and these contain less alcohol than other dessert wines.

Some types of sparkling wine are sweet, doux in France or extra dry (go figure) in the U.S.

Want to watch a great video? This may not be Monty Python, but this video by John Cleese is interesting, informative and completely unpretentious. As my husband said the one serious statement that he could see John Cleese saying is not to take yourself too seriously. So here it is, enjoy Wine For The Confused:

One of my friends though said, that is all great but what if I just want to know about a specific type of wine? Here's a discount to go buy some
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and here are the wines:
-Cabernet Franc
-Cabernet Sauvignon
-Chenin Blanc
-Grenache Blanc
-Malvasia Bianca
-Muscat Canelli
-Pinot Blanc
-Pinot Grigio or Pinot Gris (same wine)
-Pinot Noir
-Sauvignon Blanc/Fume Blanc (same wine)
-Syrah/Shiraz (same wine)

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