Types of Red Wine Part I

The Grapes

The different types of red wine are determined by their grapes. Their color by the grape skins (actually called black). When it comes to red wine for beginners you will want to know, the most typical red grapes:

-Cabernet Sauvignon
-Pinot Noir

If you know these four wines and have acquainted yourself with them, you will be able to make your way around.

If you haven't tried each of these, I definitely recommend opening a bottle (at least) of each. Probably best with friends. That will make it more fun and you won't end up having to finish four bottles of wine on your own.

Would you like some tips to make it more fun and well, ok, educational? Check out my Wine Tasting page.

Personally, a lesser known favorite around here is Tempranillo. Typically a Spanish wine.
Some less used red grapes that deserve mention are:
-Cabernet Franc
-Syrah or Shiraz (These are the same grapes just grown in different regions.)

These wines are heavier, fatter wines than most white wines. They have longer legs (there are those silly legs), and hang on the glass in big long drips after you have swirled them in your glass.

All of this is great, but how do they taste? What are the smells of these wines? Well check out Part II and let us help you with this too!

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