Muscat Canelli, Moscato, Muscat de Hamburg?
Dessert Wine Anyone?

When it comes to dessert wine, Muscat Canelli

wine is the wine you will come across in the U.S. It might be bottled as Moscato wine though. In France, I have seen people keep it bottled and chilled with their aperitifs. In the U.S., my experience is that it doesn't last long enough to transfer to a pretty bottle.

This is a fun wine to begin a dinner with, good with cheeses, and appetizers. It is good as dessert, or to go with it. I will leave that up to you. This is a good direction to steer non-wine drinkers in. My dad loves this stuff. It is like honey in a bottle.

You know what, I love it too, just not with my dinner. If you are looking for a dry wine, keep on going. If you are looking for dessert, you have found it. It is normally sold in a long thin bottle, less than 750ml, unlike normal wines. Read the label though, because Riesling is sold in a similar bottle and if it is good Riesling, it will be dry, not sweet. Riesling is sold in a dark bottle, Muscat in a clear one.

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