How To Store Wine

Bottles Accumulate Dust With Time

This is a question I recommend that anyone who enjoys wine ask themselves. How to store wine?

The answer is:
-at a fairly constant temperature around 50 degrees F (10 degrees C)
-in a moderately damp place
-in the dark

One of my friends asked why she would store wine in the first place?

The reason that I do it is that if I buy a wine that is meant to be kept for $10-$30 a bottle, in a few years it will be worth at least twice as much and taste 10 times better. So, I spend less money and with a little bit of patience get to enjoy good wine. I like to think, it helps me to age beautifully as well. Because if my wine is getting better with age, I must be doing the same. Right?

It also depends on the type of wine that you are drinking and whether or not you are going to wait to drink it. If you don't know whether or not to store a wine, check this page out. It is always best to know when to drink wine, before storing it.

I only recommend finding a way to store wine if:

-You are going to buy be aging wine for more than a year or two. Anything less than this and the bottle is likely to do fine wherever you put it. Just put it in a dark cupboard.
-You are going to be buying high quality wines that need to age. Why would you buy a great wine like one of the Premier Grand Cru Classes of Bordeaux, a Barolo or a Brunello, to age and not store it properly? If you are spending money on your wine, please find a way to store it. If I don't ask you to do anything else (besides to drink wine), do this one thing. For the sake of great wines.

Back to the options though, here are the most popular:

-Wine Refrigerators

-Wine Merchants

-Home Wine Storage

Then, the next question to ask yourself is how to store opened wine? Look here and see some of the more common ways to store opened wine.

I have my preference for everything but will keep it to myself for now. When you find out my preference though, you will know!

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