Ready to Start Learning? Here Are The Best Wines For Beginners

That is in my opinion of course. Normally when people ask what are the best wines for beginners, I hear people suggest dessert wines. Why? Because they are sweet. People assume that is what a beginner will want. I think that is a little disrespectful to the learner.

If you are looking for a good wine for beginners, ask yourself what you like about wine first. If you don't know at all, then maybe dessert wine is the way to go. Moscato is normally good, and an inexpensive way to start.

Another technique is to head to a local wine merchant and ask what they suggest. Make sure though that they ask you a couple of questions about what you like and what you are looking for first. If they don't they probably don't know what they are doing.

But if you have some idea, then here is a little list of my best wine for beginners to get you started.

Best White Wines For Beginners:

Pinot Grigio-Always a good place to start. It is a dry wine (not sweet at all) but I have had some that reminded me of beer. So, if you like beer, maybe this one. These are best from Italy, not California and are typically inexpensive. Santa Margherita is considered a good standby and just about everyone carries it but is in the $20-$30 range. Personally, I prefer the Bandit Pinot Grigio. It comes in a box and is a great value at less than $10.

Vinho Verde-A good Portuguese white, named for its region. I recently had one that reminded me of apple cider. It was Espiral and it wasn't very complex but it reminded me of a dry cider, very green apples.

iconSauvignon Blanc-This is a lighter wine, limey and when its from the kiwi area (New Zealand), kiwi is a flavor to expect. These wines are great from New Zealand within just about everyone's budget. Cloudy Bay and Kim Crawford are good and easy on the palate.

Best Red Wines For Beginners:

Beaujolais Nouveau: Sweet, fruity, light on the alcohol and the palate. This wine is released once a year and is meant to drink immediately. Enjoy it in late November, early December. This is not Beaujolais Cru, or Villages. They are very different wines.

Syrah/Shiraz-This is a heavy wine, dry, but it is full of fruit (jammy is a good description) and licorice is normal. Shiraz is typically from Australia and a lot of people like Yellow Tail. It is pretty available too.

Pinot Noir-This is a light bodied wine, full of light berries like strawberry and cherry, can be gamey. I had a Beringer recently that was great and inexpensive. Again very available.

Carmenere-Grandpa to Cabernet. If you don't like Cabernet, walk don't run in the other direction. This is a full bodied wine full of bell pepper, blackberries, and black currants. I have really been enjoying the Casillero Del Diablo version of this and Chile is definitely the country to get this varietal from.

Know what bottle of wine you want to buy? Maybe it's one of these, maybe not. One of these links might work, who knows?

Hope that helps and if you need more of my best wines for beginners or have a wine to suggest I add, let me know. Just leave me a comment below. Oh and did I mention that I LOVE COMMENTS!!!

Best Wines For Beginners

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