Wine For Beginners
Where Learning About Wine Is As Fun As Drinking It

Speaking of wine for beginners, (not wine for dummies, you can't be a dummy if you're drinking wine) if you don't have a glass in hand, I suggest that you get one. That also means you should probably be over the age of 21, because I am going to constantly tell you to drink wine. And, well, I don't want to get into trouble. In my opinion, the only way to learn about wine, whether you are a beginner or not, is to drink it, taste it, smell it and feel it rolling around in your mouth. So, let's start with a toast:

To a lifetime of learning!

Need something immediately? You can search for information on my site right here:

Since you didn't use the toolbar, I'm assuming you're drinking wine. What type of wine are you drinking? Is it a type of red wine, a type of white wine? Do you like it? What do you like about it? Is it the smell, the way it hangs in your mouth?

What flavors do you detect?

-None yet, just good wine. Want to know what you're tasting,
-Detect a ton of flavors, but have a few that you can't figure out yet?
-Know exactly what you're tasting and want to learn more.

Woohoo! Wine For Beginners is a great place for you to begin your white or red wine education. (Or sparkling, or dessert or whatever!)

I believe that wine is a lifetime commitment and the best part about it is drinking it. It is something to enjoy with friends on a Sunday afternoon, dinner with family every night,and out wine tasting with the most pretentious oenophile (wine lover). I think too many people complicate wine. It is all about enjoyment. I will help you learn to be confident in your wine tasting, and help you feel like you can hold your own with the connoisseurs in your life.

I will help you learn about what types of wine you prefer and where to find them also. What regions have the type of wine you love to drink? What other regions have wines that are similar that you haven't tried yet, but might like? I will also guide you in learning about some of the world's best wine tours, such as Enjoi's Waiheke Island wine tour in New Zealand. I also recommend checking out this Auckland wedding photographer.

Lastly, what do all of these wine terms mean? Like:

-What is a fat wine?
-How can a wine have great legs? Does it wear a skirt?
-What does it mean when a wine is dry?

If I don't have the term you are looking for, comment on my wine terms page and let me answer your questions. At Wine For Beginners, I am here to help you enjoy wine through basic wine knowledge and to make you look good while you drink it.

And for those of you wondering who I am, I am the tall red head on the right in the video below. We are starting a new video blog and come on, who didn't want the Murphy Goode job!?!

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